Differential and Integral Equations
Volume 25

Continuity properties of the data-to-solution map for the Periodic $b$-family equation

Spectral properties of a coupled system of Schrödinger equations with time-periodic coefficients

  • R. Coimbra Charão, G. Perla Menzala, M. Angelica Astaburuaga, and Claudio Fernández

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 21-30

Asymptotic behavior for the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation in an exterior domain

  • Celene Buriol, Eleni Bisognin, Vanilde Bisognin, and Ruy Coimbra Charão

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 31-52

On the behaviour of solutions to the Dirichlet problem for the $p(x)$–Laplacian when $p(x)$ goes to $1$ in a subdomain

  • Anna Mercaldo, Julio D. Rossi, Sergio Segura de León, and Cristina Trombetti

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 53-74

Bilinear local smoothing estimate for Airy equation

A singular Sturm-Liouville equation under non-homogeneous boundary conditions

Behavior of solutions for a free boundary problem describing amoeba motion

Some new well-posedness results for the Klein-Gordon-Schrödinger system

Boundedness of weak solutions of degenerate quasilinear equations with rough coefficients

  • D.D. Monticelli, S. Rodney, and R. L. Wheeden

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 143-200

Blow-up analysis for some mean field equations involving probability measures from statistical hydrodynamics

  • Tonia Ricciardi and Gabriella Zecca

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 201-222

Degenerate parabolic equation with critical exponent derived from the kinetic theory, III, $\varepsilon$-regularity

Simultaneous blowup and mass separation during collapse in an interacting system of chemotactic species

  • Elio Eduardo Espejo, Angela Stevens, and Takashi Suzuki

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 251-288

Stationary solutions to a Strain-gradient type thermoviscoelastic system

  • Irena Pawłow, Takashi Suzuki, and Sohei Tasaki

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 289-340

Asymptotic profile of solutions for the limit unstable Cahn-Hilliard equation with inertial term

  • Hiroshi Takeda and Shuji Yoshikawa

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 341-362

The blow-up and lifespan of solutions to systems of semilinear wave equation with critical exponents in high dimensions

  • Yuki Kurokawa, Hiroyuki Takamura, and Kyouhei Wakasa

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 363-382

Existence of a ground state and blow-up problem for a nonlinear Schrödinger equation with critical growth

  • Takafumi Akahori, Slim Ibrahim, Hiroaki Kikuchi, and Hayato Nawa

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 383-402

On the Liouville type theorems with weights for the Navier-Stokes equations and Euler equations

Nonlocal interaction equations: Stationary states and stability analysis

Existence of pseudo-symmetric solutions to a$p$-Laplacian four-point BVPs involving derivatives on time scales

Weight estimates for solutions of linear singular differential equations of the first order and the Everitt-Giertz problem

  • N.A. Chernyavskaya and L.A. Shuster

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 467-504

Resonance at the first eigenvalue for first-order systems in the plane: vanishing Hamiltonians and the Landesman-Lazer condition

On the Brezis-Nirenberg Problem in a Ball

The elliptic Kirchhoff equation in $\mathbb R^N$ perturbed by a local nonlinearity

Multiple solutions to the planar plateau problem

Existence for critical Hénon-type equations

Uniqueness sets for minimization formulas

  • Yasuhiro Fujita and Hitoshi Ishii

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 579-588

Stability for the infinity-laplace equation with variable exponent

  • Erik Lindgren and Peter Lindqvist

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 589-600

Changing-sign solutions for the CR-Yamabe equation

  • Ali Maalaoui and Vittorio Martino

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 601-609

On the support of solutions to the NLS-KdV system

Interior $ L^p$ estimates for degenerate elliptic equations in divergence form with $VMO$ coefficients

  • G. Di Fazio, M.S. Fanciullo, and P. Zamboni

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 619-628

Existence of compact support solutions for a quasilinear and singular problem

  • Jacques Giacomoni, Habib Maagli, and Paul Sauvy

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 629-656

Quasilinear equations involving nonlinear Neumann boundary conditions

  • Leonelo Iturriaga, Sebastián Lorca, Eugenio Saavedra, and Pedro Ubilla

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 657-664

Global existence and blow up results for a heat equation with nonlinear nonlocal term

Global existence of solutions to nonlinear dispersive wave equations

  • Nakao Hayashi, Seishirou Kobayashi, and Pavel I. Naumkin

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 685-698

Local and global well posedness for the Chern-Simons-Dirac system in one dimension

  • Nikolaos Bournaveas, Timothy Candy, and Shuji Machihara

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 699-718

Oscillatory behavior near blow-up of the solutions to some second-order nonlinear ODE

Large-time behavior of solutions to the drift-diffusion equation with fractional dissipation

Location of the blow-up set for a superlinear heat equation with small diffusion

Nonexistence of global solutions for a family of nonlocal or higher-order parabolic problems

Stationary free surface viscous flows without surface tension in three dimensions

  • Frederic Abergel and Jacques-Herbert Bailly

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 801-820

A Mathematical analysis of a model of structured population (I)

Multiplicity of solutions for a Kirchhoff equation with subcritical or critical growth

  • Giovany M. Figueiredo and João R. Santos Junior

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 853-868

On resonant elliptic systems with rapidly rotating nonlinearities

  • Pablo Amster, Mónica Clapp, and Julián Haddad

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 869-882

The Davey Stewartson system in weak $L^p$ spaces

Critical exponents of the asymptotic formulas for two-parameter variational eigencurves

The virial theorem for higher-order differential operators

Energy decay estimates for wave equations with a fractional damping

Self-similarity, symmetries and asymptotic behavior in Morrey spaces for a fractional wave equation

  • Marcelo Fernandes de Almeida and Lucas C.F. Ferreira

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 957-976

Multiple positive solutions for a quasilinear elliptic equation in ${\mathbb R}^N$

  • Honghui Yin, Zuodong Yang, and Zhaosheng Feng

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 977-992

Periodic solutions of a system of coupled oscillators with one-sided superlinear retraction forces

  • Alessandro Fonda and Andrea Sfecci

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 993-1010

Low regularity well-posedness for the periodic Kawahara equation

On the equation $\det\nabla \varphi=f$ prescribing $\varphi=0$ on the boundary

Sharp well-posedness and ill-posedness of a higher-order modified Camassa–Holm equation

  • Wei Yan, Yongsheng Li, and Shiming Li

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 1053-1074

Scattering and blowup problems for a class of nonlinear Schrödinger equations

  • Takafumi Akahori, Hiroaki Kikuchi, and Hayato Nawa

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 1075-1118

Polynomial decay to a class of abstract coupled systems with past history

  • L.P.V. Matos, D.S.A. Júnior, and M.L. Santos

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 1119-1134

A characterization of the mountain pass geometry for functionals bounded from below

Traveling waves of a non-local conservation law

Infinite semipositone problems with asymptotically linear growth forcing terms

  • D.D. Hai, Lakshmi Sankar, and R. Shivaji

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 1175-1188

Nodal domains for an elliptic problem with the spectral parameter near the fourth eigenvalue

  • J. Fleckinger, J.-P. Gossez, and F. de Thélin

    Volume 25, 2012, pages 1189-1202