Differential and Integral Equations
Volume 2

General functional-differential systems with asymptotically constant solutions

Hierarchical matrix Lyapunov function

Series representation and asymptotics for Titchmarsh-Weyl $m$-functions

  • D. B. Hinton, M. Klaus, and J. K. Shaw

    Volume 2, 1989, pages 419-429

Existence of steady flows of viscoelastic fluids of Jeffreys type with traction boundary conditions

Preservation of controllability under approximation and controllability radii for hereditary systems

  • John A. Burns and Gunther H. Peichl

    Volume 2, 1989, pages 439-452

Parabolic integrodifferential equations with nonhomogeneous boundary conditions

On the inversion of Lagrange-Dirichlet theorem

Regularity properties of solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations in infinite dimensions and nonlinear optimal control

Boundary value problems for second order differential equations and a convex problem of Bolza

Wiener estimates for degenerate elliptic equations. II

Differential inclusions governed by nonconvex perturbations of $m$-accretive operators

On the existence of a maximal weak solution for a semilinear elliptic equation

Nonexistence of radially symmetric nonnegative solutions for a class of semi-positone problems

  • K. J. Brown, Alfonso Castro, and R. Shivaji

    Volume 2, 1989, pages 541-545

Erratum: “Multiple periodic solutions of some nonlinear ordinary differential equations of higher order”

Erratum: “Dirichlet-type criteria and accretiveness criteria for complex Sturm-Liouville operators”

Dirichlet-type criteria and accretiveness criteria for complex Sturm-Liouville operators

An exact formula for the branch of period-4-solutions of $\dot x=-\lambda f(x(t-1))$ which bifurcates at $\lambda=\pi/2$

Positivity and a principle of linearized stability for delay-differential equations

Qualitative simulation of differential equations

Multiplicity of $kT$-periodic solutions near a given $T$-periodic solution for nonlinear Hamiltonian systems

A spectral mapping theorem for polynomial operator matrices

Highly degenerate parabolic boundary value problems

  • Jerome A. Goldstein and Chin Yuan Lin

    Volume 2, 1989, pages 216-227

The Korteweg-de Vries equation in a quarter plane, continuous dependence results

Schauder estimates and existence theory for entire solutions of linear parabolic equations

On the two-dimensional singular integral equations

Hereditary control systems governed by integro-differential equations

Oscillation of discrete analogues of delay equations

On spatial energy decay for quasilinear boundary value problems in cone-like and exterior domains

  • Shlomo Breuer and Joseph J. Roseman

    Volume 2, 1989, pages 310-325

An estimate for the minima of the functionals of the calculus of variations

Smallest Lyapunov functions of differential inclusions

A nonlinear system for phase change with dissipation

  • Dominique Blanchard, Alain Damlamian, and Hamid Ghidouche

    Volume 2, 1989, pages 344-362

A differentiability result for the relative rearrangement

The Keldys-Fichera boundary value problems for degenerate quasilinear elliptic equations of second order

A correct problem at a resonance

Optimal intervals for third order Lipschitz equations

On a third-order three-point boundary value problem at resonance

Stability in terms of two measures for functional-differential equations

Oscillations of functional-differential equations generated by advanced arguments

Periodic boundary value problems for systems of first order impulsive differential equations

  • D. D. Bainov, S. G. Hristova, Shou Chuan Hu, and V. Lakshmikantham

    Volume 2, 1989, pages 37-43

Eigenfunction expansions associated with a multiparameter system of differential equations

Compact evolution operators

On the solvability of a semilinear two-point {BVP} around the first eigenvalue

  • M. L. C. Fernandes, P. Omari, and F. Zanolin

    Volume 2, 1989, pages 63-79

Multiple periodic solutions for some nonlinear ordinary differential equations of higher order

On fourth order boundary value problems arising in beam analysis

Smooth solutions for an integro-differential equation of parabolic type

Linearized oscillations for equations with piecewise constant arguments

Stabilizing second order differential equations