Differential and Integral Equations
Volume 1

On the set of solutions to Lipschitzian differential inclusions

The functional space $C^{-1,\alpha}$ and analytic semigroups

Stability and oscillation of neutral delay differential equations with piecewise constant argument

Evolution operators and strong solutions of abstract linear parabolic equations

Singular selfadjoint Sturm-Liouville problems

Tangent directions for a class of nonlinear evolution equations

Periodic boundary value problem for some Duffing equations

Conjugate points of fourth order differential equations with impulses

A useful characterization of Clarke derivatives

  • Roberto Cominetti and Rafael Correa

    Volume 1, 1988, pages 381-390

On a second order periodic boundary value problem

Periodic solutions of prescribed minimal period for Hamiltonian systems: an extension of a theorem by Ekeland and Hofer to the nonconvex case

A nonlinear equation with piecewise continuous argument

  • L. A. V. Carvalho and Kenneth L. Cooke

    Volume 1, 1988, pages 359-367

Some extensions of the mountain pass lemma

  • Da Jun Guo, Gui Jie Qi, and Jing Xian Sun

    Volume 1, 1988, pages 351-358

Some discontinuous variational problems

Concavity and monotonicity properties of solutions of Emden-Fowler equations

Diffusion with prescribed convection in fissured media

Oscillation for first order linear differential equations with deviating arguments

On Liouville-Green (WKB) approximation for second order linear differential equations

Applications of monotone techniques to differential equations with discontinuous right-hand side

  • Seppo Heikkilä, V. Lakshmikantham, and S. Leela

    Volume 1, 1988, pages 287-297

Oscillations of systems of neutral differential equations

Stability of the periodic solutions to fully nonlinear parabolic equations in Banach spaces

Singular solutions of Bessel’s equation

On the innovations problem in a finitely additive white noise approach to nonlinear filtering

Bounded and periodic solutions of differential equations with impulse effect in a Banach space

  • D. D. Baĭnov, S. I. Kostadinov, and A. D. Myshkis

    Volume 1, 1988, pages 223-230

Regularization of a Sturm-Liouville problem with an interior singularity using quasiderivatives

  • F. V. Atkinson, W. N. Everitt, and A. Zettl

    Volume 1, 1988, pages 213-221

Periodic solutions of systems of ordinary differential equations which approximate delay equations

A Green’s function for a two-point boundary value problem in groundwater theory

Automorphisms and Bäcklund transformations

A note on semilinear stochastic equations

Oscillation of Emden-Fowler systems

  • Man Kam Kwong and James S. W. Wong

    Volume 1, 1988, pages 133-141

A diffusive epidemic model on a bounded domain of arbitrary dimension

Differential equations associated with compact evolution generators

Differential operators and the Legendre type polynomials

On the order of magnitude of Titchmarsh-Weyl functions

On radial solutions of some semilinear elliptic equations

A random Schroedinger equation: white noise model

Reaction-diffusion systems and vector Lyapunov functions

A multiplicity result for periodic solutions of higher order ordinary differential equations

Multivalued differential equations on closed sets

Generalization of the Sobolev-Lieb-Thirring inequalities and applications to the dimension of attractors

  • Jean-Michel Ghidaglia, Martine Marion, and Roger Temam

    Volume 1, 1988, pages 1-21