• Differential and integral equations
    Volume 8, 1995

  • Approximation of an inverse problem for variational inequalities

    Vyacheslav Maksimov

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2189-2196

  • Periodic solutions of linear differential and integral equations

    G. Makay

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2177-2187

  • On a general class of Birkhoff-regular eigenvalue problems

    G. Freiling and V. Rykhlov

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2157-2176

  • Existence of monotone solutions to some singular boundary and initial value problems

    L. E. Bobisud

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2145-2156

  • On the existence and stability of bounded almost periodic and periodic solutions of a singularly perturbed nonautonomous system

    Hal L. Smith

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2125-2144

  • On a class of implicit evolution variational inequalities

    Pierluigi Colli and Giuseppe Savaré

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2097-2124

  • On the Lotka-Volterra competition model in symmetric domains

    Changfeng Gui

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2079-2096

  • Large time behaviour of solutions of a generalized Haraux-Weissler equation

    Claus Dohmen

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2065-2078

  • Self-similar solutions of a fast diffusion equation that do not conserve mass

    M. A. Peletier and Hong Fei Zhang

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2045-2064

  • An optimization problem in elasticity

    Claudia Lederman

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 2025-2044

  • On invariant sets and explicit solutions of nonlinear evolution equations with quadratic nonlinearities

    Victor A. Galaktionov, Sergey A. Posashkov, and Sergey R. Svirshchevskii

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1997-2024

  • Unstable blow-up patterns

    Debora Amadori

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1977-1996

  • Fractional derivatives and smoothing in nonlinear conservation laws

    Gustaf Gripenberg and Stig-Olof Londen

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1961-1976

  • Eikonal equations with discontinuities

    Richard T. Newcomb and Jianzhong Su

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1947-1960

  • Global behaviour of solutions to a parabolic mean curvature equation

    Bernd Kawohl and Nickolai Kutev

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1923-1946

  • Symmetry properties of positive solutions to some elliptic equations with nonlinear boundary conditions

    Susanna Terracini

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1911-1922

  • Asymptotic behavior of the quantum defect as a function of an angular momentum and almost normalization of eigenfunctions for a three-dimensional Schrödinger operator with nearly Coulomb potential

    Marianna A. Shubov

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1885-1910

  • T-periodic solutions for a second order system with singular nonlinearity

    Raúl F. Manásevich and Manuel A. del Pino

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1873-1883

  • On the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of a state-dependent delay equation

    F. Hartung and J. Turi

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1867-1872

  • Non-symmetric hyperbolic problems with different time scales

    Heinz-Otto Kreiss,Fredrik Olsson, and Jacob Yström

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1859-1866

  • Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of periodic solutions of second-order ordinary differential equations with singular nonlinearities

    Pierpaolo Omari and Wei Yin Ye

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1843-1858

  • Note on decay of solutions of steady Navier-Stokes equations in 3-D exterior domains

    A. Novotný and M. Padula

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1833-1842

  • Nonautonomous integro-differential equations of hyperbolic type

    Hirokazu Oka and Naoki Tanaka

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1823-1831

  • Uniqueness of positive solutions of quasilinear differential equations

    Y?ki Naito

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1813-1822

  • Multiple existence of periodic solutions for Liénard system

    N. Hirano and W. S. Kim

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1805-1811

  • Boundary and periodic value problems for systems of differential equations under Bernstein-Nagumo growth condition

    Marlène Frigon

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1789-1804

  • Stability and instability of standing waves for the generalized Davey-Stewartson system

    Masahito Ohta

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1775-1788

  • Pointwise gradient decay estimates for solutions of the Laplace and minimal surface equations

    C. O. Horgan, L. E. Payne, and G. A. Philippin

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1761-1773

  • Homoclinic solutions of quasiperiodic Lagrangian systems

    M. L. Bertotti and S. V. Bolotin

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1733-1760

  • Bifurcation of radially symmetric solutions of degenerate quasilinear elliptic equations

    Nobuyoshi Fukagai, Masayuki Ito, and Kimiaki Narukawa

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1709-1732

  • Self-similar turbulent bursts: existence and analytic dependence

    Fernando Quirós Gracián and Juan L. Vázquez

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1677-1708

  • Global existence of small solutions to the Davey-Stewartson and the Ishimori systems

    Nakao Hayashi and Jean-Claude Saut

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1657-1675

  • $Gamma$-convergence, minimizing movements and generalized mean curvature evolution

    Irene Fonseca and Markos A. Katsoulakis

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1619-1656

  • Asymptotic analysis of the linearized Navier-Stokes equations in a channel

    Roger Temam and Xiao Ming Wang

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1591-1618

  • Uniform Lipschitz regularity of a singular perturbation problem

    Luis A. Caffarelli

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1585-1590

  • On smooth global solutions of a Kirchhoff type equation on unbounded domains

    Gustavo Perla Menzala and Jardel Morais Pereira

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1571-1583

  • A general approach to solvability conditions for semilinear elliptic boundary value problems at resonance

    E. M. Landesman and S. B. Robinson

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1555-1569

  • The effect of the domain geometry on the number of positive solutions of Neumann problems with critical exponents

    Zhi Qiang Wang

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1533-1554

  • Existence of solutions for discontinuous differential equations

    Daniel C. Biles

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1525-1532

  • Linear functional-differential equations with abstract Volterra operators

    Mehran Mahdavi

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1517-1523

  • On a model of nonisothermal flow through fissured media

    Ma?gorzata Peszy?ska

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1497-1516

  • Regularized semigroups, existence families and the abstract Cauchy problem

    Guo Zheng Sun, Sheng Wang Wang, and Ralph deLaubenfels

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1477-1496

  • On Picard potentials

    F. Gesztesy and R. Weikard

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1453-1476

  • Chaotic motion generated by delayed negative feedback. I. A transversality criterion

    Bernhard Lani-Wayda and Hans-Otto Walther

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1407-1452

  • On the one-dimensional Ginsburg-Landau BVPs

    Man Kam Kwong

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1395-1405

  • Global existence of submanifolds of solutions of nonlinear second order differential systems

    Giancarlo Cantarelli

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1385-1394

  • Existence and nonexistence of positive singular solutions for semilinear elliptic problems with applications in astrophysics

    Yi Li and Jairo Santanilla

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1369-1383

  • Slow decay and the Harnack inequality for positive solutions of $Delta u+u^p=0$ in $mathbf{R}^n$

    Henghui Zou

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1355-1368

  • Non-existence theorems for systems of quasilinear partial differential equations

    Enzo Mitidieri, Guido Sweers, and Rob Van der Vorst

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1331-1354

  • On a semilinear elliptic system

    Ph. Clément and R. C. A. M. Van der Vorst

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1317-1329

  • Thomas-Fermi theory with magnetic fields and the Fermi-Amaldi correction

    Gisèle Ruiz Goldstein, Jerome A. Goldstein, and Wenyao Jia

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1305-1316

  • Spatial patterns described by the extended Fisher-Kolmogorov (EFK) equation: kinks

    L. A. Peletier and W. C. Troy

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1279-1304

  • Remarks on Lyapunov stability

    Patrizia Pucci and James Serrin

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1265-1278

  • Nonexistence of signed solutions for a semilinear elliptic problem

    Manuel A. del Pino

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1259-1263

  • A priori estimates and existence of positive solutions of nonlinear cooperative elliptic systems

    M. A. S. Souto

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1245-1258

  • Perturbing evolutionary systems by step responses and cumulative outputs

    Odo Diekmann, Mats Gyllenberg, and Horst R. Thieme

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1205-1244

  • A remark on the Cauchy problem for the Korteweg-de Vries equation on a periodic domain

    Bing Yu Zhang

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1191-1204

  • An identification problem for the Maxwell equations in a non-homogeneous dispersive medium

    Cecilia Cavaterra and Alfredo Lorenzi

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1167-1190

  • Integral solutions of locally Lipschitz continuous functional-differential equations

    Janet Dyson and Rosanna Villella-Bressan

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1157-1166

  • Stability for a class of semilinear parabolic equations

    Anna Buttu

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1145-1156

  • Stable periodic solutions of perturbed autonomous equations in one critical case

    I. Fomenko and H. I. Freedman

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1135-1143

  • Convergence and approximation of inertial manifolds for evolution equations

    Kazuo Kobayasi

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1117-1134

  • Asymptotics of resonances and geometry of resonance states in the problem of scattering of acoustic waves by a spherically symmetric inhomogeneity of the density

    Marianna A. Shubov

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1073-1115

  • Global, small radially symmetric solutions to nonlinear Schrödinger equations and a gauge transformation

    Nakao Hayashi and Tohru Ozawa

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1061-1072

  • A functional reaction-diffusion equation from climate modeling: S-shapedness of the principal branch of fixed points of the time-1-map

    Georg Hetzer

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1047-1059

  • Nonhomogeneous time-dependent Navier-Stokes problems in $L_p$ Sobolev spaces

    Gerd Grubb

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 1013-1046

  • On solution of integral equation of Abel-Volterra type

    Anatoly A. Kilbas and Megumi Saigo

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 993-1011

  • Perturbations of even nonsmooth functionals

    Marco Degiovanni and Sergio Lancelotti

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 981-992

  • A theorem on degenerate elliptic Bellman equations in bounded domains

    N. V. Krylov

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 961-980

  • Energy dependent scattering theory

    David H. Sattinger and Jacek Szmigielski

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 945-959

  • Singular perturbations in non-linear optimal control systems

    Marc Quincampoix and Huilong Zhang

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 931-944

  • Sufficient conditions for the asymptotic stability of invariant manifolds

    I. N. Shchitov

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 921-930

  • Bifurcation of limit cycles in a particular class of quadratic systems

    J. W. Reyn and W. T. van Horssen

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 907-920

  • Carleman estimates and unique continuation for the Schroedinger equation

    Daniel Tataru

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 901-905

  • An existence result for a nonlinear hyperbolic system

    Rodica Luca

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 887-900

  • On linear hyperbolic systems with multiple characteristics

    Matthias Hieber

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 877-886

  • An approximation scheme for the solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equations with max-min Hamiltonians in Hilbert spaces

    Teodor Havârneanu

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 867-875

  • A Wiener estimate for relaxed Dirichlet problems in dimension $Nge 2$

    Adriana Garroni

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 849-866

  • Uniqueness and nonuniqueness of positive solutions for a semilinear elliptic equation in $R^n$

    Achilles Tertikas

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 829-848

  • A value function and applications to translation-invariant semilinear elliptic equations on unbounded domains

    Ian Schindler

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 813-828

  • On the (modified) Kadomtsev-Petviashvili hierarchy

    F. Gesztesy and K. Unterkofler

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 797-812

  • Blowup behavior of solutions to the rescaled Jäger-Luckhaus system

    Takasi Senba and Takashi Suzuki

    Volume 8, 2003, pages 787-820

  • Center manifolds for quasilinear reaction-diffusion systems

    Gieri Simonett

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 753-796

  • Quasi-optimal error estimates for the mean curvature flow with a forcing term

    G. Bellettini and M. Paolini

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 735-752

  • A boundedness result of Landesman-Lazer type

    Rafael Ortega

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 729-734

  • On the characteristic exponent function for a first order ordinary differential equation

    Kurt Munk Andersen and Allan Sandqvist

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 717-728

  • On multiple solutions for the nonhomogeneous p-Laplacian with a critical Sobolev exponent

    J. Chabrowski

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 705-716

  • Analyticity of eigenfunctions for Schrödinger operators

    Richard Ford

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 699-703

  • Integral representations and $L^infty$ bounds for solutions of the Helmholtz equation on arbitrary open sets in $R^2$ and $ R ^3$

    Wenzheng Xie

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 689-698

  • Energy decay for the wave equation with a nonlinear weak dissipation

    Mitsuhiro Nakao

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 681-688

  • A note on problems involving critical Sobolev exponents

    D. G. Costa and E. A. Silva

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 673-679

  • On a class of resonant problems at higher eigenvalues

    D. G. Costa and E. A. Silva

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 663-671

  • Blow-up for semilinear wave equations with slowly decaying data in high dimensions

    Hiroyuki Takamura

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 647-661

  • On well-posedness of integro-differential equations in weighted $L^2$-spaces

    John A. Burns and Kazufumi Ito

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 627-646

  • Some coexistence and extinction results for a 3-species ecological system

    Wei Feng and Xin Lu

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 617-626

  • A note on the global solvability of solutions to some nonlinear wave equations with dissipative terms

    Ryo Ikehata

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 607-616

  • Well posedness for damped second-order systems with unbounded input operators

    H. T. Banks, K. Ito, and Y. Wang

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 587-606

  • New nonexistence results for elliptic equations with supercritical nonlinearity

    Donato Passaseo

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 577-586

  • Almost periodic solutions of infinite-dimensional Riccati equations

    Giuseppe Da Prato and Constantin Tudor

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 567-575

  • Existence of solutions of nonlinear functional integro-differential equations in Banach spaces

    Ki Sik Ha, Byoung Jae Jin, and Ki-Yeon Shin

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 553-566

  • A Phragmén-Lindelöf alternative for a class of quasilinear second order parabolic problems

    Chang Hao Lin and L. E. Payne

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 539-551

  • Nonexistence and other properties for solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations

    Roberta Filippucci and Patrizia Pucci

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 525-538

  • On the spectrum of some linear noncooperative elliptic systems with radial symmetry

    E. N. Dancer, J. López-Gómez, and R. Ortega

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 515-523

  • On long time asymptotics of the Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equation and of the Vlasov-Poisson-Fokker-Planck system with Coulombic and Newtonian potentials

    F. Bouchut and J. Dolbeault

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 487-514

  • Strong solutions of Cauchy problems associated to weakly continuous semigroups

    Sandra Cerrai and Fausto Gozzi

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 465-486

  • Existence, uniqueness, and stability of solutions to the initial-boundary value problem for bipolar viscous fluids

    Hamid Bellout,Frederick Bloom, and Jindrich Ne?as

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 453-464

  • The existence of solutions to a class of semilinear differential equations

    Yin Xi Huang and Gerhard Metzen

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 429-452

  • Bifurcation from eigencurves of the p-Laplacian

    P. A. Binding and Y. X. Huang

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 415-428

  • The principal eigencurve for the p-Laplacian

    P. A. Binding and Y. X. Huang

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 405-414

  • A priori estimates and uniqueness of inflection points for positive solutions of semipositone problems

    Joseph A. Iaia

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 393-403

  • On the fixed point index and multiple steady-state solutions of reaction-diffusion systems

    Wei Feng and Weihua Ruan

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 371-391

  • On a quasilinear parabolic integrodifferential equation

    Stig-Olof Londen

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 353-369

  • On homeomorphisms for an elliptic equation in domains with corners

    A. K. Aziz and R. B. Kellogg

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 333-352

  • A Korn's inequality for functions with deformation in $L^1(?^2)$ and $L^1(B^2,S^1)$

    Françoise Demengel

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 325-332

  • Uniqueness results for the gap equation in the theory of superconductivity

    Yi Hong Du

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 309-324

  • Quadratic Lyapunov functions for linear skew-product flows and weighted composition operators

    C. Chicone and Yu. Latushkin

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 289-307

  • Space-time trajectories of nonlinear systems driven by ordinary and impulsive controls

    M. Motta and F. Rampazzo

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 269-288

  • On the qualitative behaviour of some semilinear parabolic problems

    Joachim Escher

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 247-267

  • A direct approach to infinite-dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi equations and applications to convex control with state constraints

    Piermarco Cannarsa and Gabriella Di Blasio

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 225-246

  • Erratum: "On the asymptotic behavior of minimizers of the Ginzburg-Landau model in 2 dimensions''

    Michael Struwe

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 224-224

  • Correction: "An elementary regularity theory of minimal surfaces'' [Differential Integral Equations 6 (1993), no. 1, 1–13

    Luis A. Caffarelli and Antonio Córdoba

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 223-223

  • Positive solutions for the one-dimensional p-Laplacian

    R. Manásevich, F.I. Njoku, and F. Zanolin

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 213-222

  • Linearized stability for semilinear Volterra integral equations

    Nobuyuki Kato

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 201-212

  • Asymptotic formula of eigenvalues of sublinear Sturm-Liouville problems

    Tetsutaro Shibata

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 183-200

  • Maximum principles for integro-differential parabolic operators

    Maria Giovanna Garroni and José-Luis Menaldi

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 161-182

  • Nontrivial solutions for a strongly resonant problem

    D. Arcoya and D. G. Costa

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 151-159

  • Some remarks about periodic solutions to the forced pendulum equation

    Flavio Donati

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 141-149

  • Some regularity results for nonlinear degenerate elliptic equations

    G. Rita Cirmi

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 131-140

  • The Cauchy problem for a generalized Zakharov system

    Corinne Laurey

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 105-130

  • Examples of nonsymmetric extinction and blow-up for quasilinear heat equations

    Victor A. Galaktionov and Sergey A. Posashkov

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 87-103

  • On maximum principles and existence of positive solutions for some cooperative elliptic systems

    J. Fleckinger, J. Hernández, and F. de Thélin

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 69-85

  • Characterization of concentration points and L?-estimates for solutions of a semilinear Neumann problem involving the critical Sobolev exponent

    Adimurthi, Filomena Pacella, and S. L. Yadava

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 41-68

  • Fredholm mappings and the generalized boundary value problem

    V. Šeda

    Volume 8, 1995, pages 19-40

  • Maximum principle for state-constrained optimal control problems governed by quasilinear elliptic

    Eduardo Casas and Jiong Min Yong

    Volume 8, 1995, pages Jan-18