• Differential and integral equations
    Volume 4, 1991

  • On the existence of optimal controls for a class of nonlinear infinite-dimensional systems

    Elias Flytzanis and Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1419-1432

  • Singular third-order boundary value problems

    Donal O'Regan

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1391-1417

  • On controllability and null controllability of linear systems with distributed delays in the control

    Jerry U. Onwuatu

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1375-1389

  • Global bifurcation analysis of an adaptive control system

    Fathi M. A. Salam, Stephen A. Van Gils, and Zhang Zhi-fen

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1353-1374

  • Semigroup and integral form of a class of partial differential equations with infinite delay

    Jian Hong Wu

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1325-1351

  • Continuous dependence on modeling in the Cauchy problem for nonlinear elliptic equations

    Allan D. Bennett

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1311-1324

  • On asymptotic stability for linear delay equations

    Wen Zhang Huang

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1303-1310

  • Remarks on semilinear elliptic problems at resonance

    J. V. A. Goncalves and O. H. Miyagaki

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1293-1302

  • Jumping nonlinearities for a nonlinear equation with an nth order disconjugate operator

    Marta Garcia-Huidobro

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1281-1291

  • Permanence for nonautonomous predator-prey systems

    T. A. Burton and V. Hutson

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1269-1280

  • Trotter product formulae for Hamilton-Jacobi equations in infinite dimensions

    Catalin Popa

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1251-1268

  • Noncompact semigroups of operators generated by cell kinetics models

    Ovide Arino, Marek Kimmel, and Eva Sanchez

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1233-1249

  • Necessary conditions for the convergence and summability of eigenfunction expansions in the complex domain

    W. Eberhard and G. Freiling

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1217-1232

  • Positive solutions of a semilinear elliptic equation and its asymptotic behaviour

    Jian Fu Yang

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1209-1216

  • A remark on the stability of steady state motions

    K. Peiffer

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1195-1207

  • Approximate inertial manifolds for the sine-Gordon equation

    Isabelle Flahaut

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1169-1193

  • Blow-up points of solutions to elliptic equations with limiting nonlinearity

    Olivier Rey

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1155-1167

  • Viability of boundary of the viability kernel

    Patrick Saint-Pierre

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1147-1153

  • Existence of solutions of elliptic equations involving critical Sobolev exponents with Neumann boundary condition in general domains

    M. Comte and M. C. Knaap

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1133-1146

  • On the exact controllability of Kirchoff plates

    Vilmos Komornik

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1121-1132

  • Oscillations of integro-differential equations

    G. Ladas, Ch. G. Philos, and Y. G. Sficas

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1113-1120

  • Comparison theorems for first order retarded functional-differential equations and their applications

    Qing Guang Huang

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1101-1112

  • Monotonicity in time at the single point for the semilinear heat equation with source

    Victor A. Galaktionov

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1089-1099

  • An abstract approach to a class of nonlinear boundary value problems

    C. De Coster, C. Fabry, and P. Habets

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1073-1087

  • Abstract quasilinear parabolic equations with variable domains

    Vincenzo Vespri

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1041-1072

  • An application to bifurcation problems of cusps in Banach spaces

    D. Lupo and A. M. Micheletti

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1023-1040

  • Conditions for parabolicity of second order abstract differential equations

    Angelo Favini and Enrico Obrecht

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 1005-1022

  • Global existence and uniqueness for the Kummer transformation problem subject to non-Cauchy data

    Renato Spigler and Marco Vianello

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 991-1003

  • Dissipativity conditions and variational principles for the heat flux equation with memory

    Giorgio Gentili

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 977-989

  • On a class of singular or degenerate hyperbolic variational inequalities

    Marco Luigi Bernardi, Fabio Luterotti, and Gianni Arrigo Pozzi

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 953-975

  • On a nonresonance condition for a semilinear elliptic problem

    Alessandro Fonda, Jean-Pierre Gossez, and Fabio Zanolin

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 945-951

  • On bifurcation from infinity for potential operators

    Klaus Schmitt and Zhi Qiang Wang

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 933-943

  • Inertial manifolds and the slow manifolds in meteorology

    A. Debussche and R. Temam

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 897-931

  • A singular boundary value problem arising from near-ignition analysis of flame structure

    Y.S. Choi

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 891-895

  • Existence theorems for focal boundary value problems

    S. Umamaheswaram and M. Venkata Rama

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 883-889

  • A free boundary problem describing an irreversible crystallization process

    Hong-Ming Yin

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 869-882

  • On $x'=f(t, x)$ and Henstock-Kurzweil integrals

    Tuan Seng Chew and Francisco Flordeliza

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 861-868

  • Complex-valued time-periodic solutions and breathers of nonlinear wave equations

    Michael W. Smiley

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 851-859

  • Existence and uniqueness for the population dynamics with nonlinear diffusion

    Sebastian Ani?a

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 835-850

  • Positive solutions to general elliptic competition models

    Lige Li and Roger Logan

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 817-834

  • Asymptotic stability for nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations with Neumann boundary conditions

    Nobuyuki Kenmochi

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 803-816

  • An approximation theory for the identification of linear thermoelastic systems

    I. G. Rosen and Chien-Hua Frank Su

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 783-802

  • On the inversion of the Lagrange-Dirichlet theorem in a case of nonhomogeneous potential

    C. Maffei, V. Moauro, and P. Negrini

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 767-782

  • On systems of ordinary differential equations with measures as controls

    Gianni Dal Maso and Franco Rampazzo

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 739-765

  • Eigenvalues of the Orr-Sommerfeld equation

    Milan Miklav?i?

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 731-737

  • Nonresonance conditions for the existence, uniqueness, and stability of periodic solutions of differential equations with asymmetric nonlinearities

    A. C. Lazer and P. J. McKenna

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 719-730

  • Maximization on classes of functions with fixed rearrangement

    Vincenzo Ferone and M. Rosaria Posteraro

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 707-718

  • Lack of exact controllability for wave and plate equations with finitely many boundary controls

    R. Triggiani

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 683-705

  • Null controllability of first order quasilinear equations

    Viorel Barbu

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 673-681

  • A weighted semilinear elliptic equation involving critical Sobolev exponents

    Liviu I. Nicolaescu

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 653-671

  • Bounds for solutions of integral equations of second type

    Ll. G. Chambers

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 647-652

  • A mixed type boundary problem describing the propagation of disturbances in viscous media

    Yan Ping Lin and Hong-Ming Yin

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 639-646

  • Boundary stabilization of two-dimensional Petrovsky equation: vibrating plate

    Yun Cheng You

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 617-638

  • An explicit closed form solution for systems of Volterra integral equations

    L. Jòdar and E. Navarro

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 609-616

  • Generalized weights for orthogonal polynomials

    Sung S. Kim and Kil H. Kwon

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 601-608

  • Uniqueness of the positive solution of $delta u+f(u)=0$ in an annulus

    Man Kam Kwong and Li Qun Zhang

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 583-599

  • A general existence and uniqueness theory for implicit differential-algebraic equations

    Patrick J. Rabier and Werner C. Rheinboldt

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 563-582

  • Some comparison principles for weakly coupled systems of elliptic equations

    Chris Cosner and Philip W. Schaefer

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 555-562

  • Existence theorems for second order boundary value problems

    Hans G. Kaper, Mariette Knaap, and Man Kam Kwong

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 543-554

  • On the global well-posedness of the Benjamin-Ono equation

    Gustavo Ponce

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 527-542

  • Exponential asymptotic stability for scalar linear Volterra equations

    Satoru Murakami

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 519-525

  • Bounded solutions for abstract time-periodic parabolic equations with nonconstant domains

    M. Fuhrman

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 493-518

  • The sign of Lagrange multiplier for some minimization problem

    Rejeb Hadiji and Roger Lewandowski

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 491-492

  • Selections of Lipschitz multifunctions generating a continuous flow

    Alberto Bressan

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 483-490

  • Expansions on generalized eigenvectors of operators arising in the theory of elasticity

    Giuseppe Geymonat and Pierre Grisvard

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 459-481

  • Quasilinear elliptic problems with measures as data

    Jean-Michel Rakotoson

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 449-457

  • Minimal solutions of multivalued differential equations

    Dieter Bothe

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 445-447

  • Existence and unicity of solutions of n-point boundary value problems

    K. N. Murty and D. Trigiante

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 437-444

  • Oscillation properties of first order nonlinear functional-differential equations of neutral type

    Jaroslav Jaroš and Taka?i Kusano

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 425-436

  • Spatial decay results for a class of quasilinear elliptic equations of mode zero

    Shlomo Breuer and Joseph J. Roseman

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 411-423

  • Existence and uniqueness theorems for a fourth order boundary value problem of Sturm-Liouville type

    Chaitan P. Gupta

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 397-410

  • On periodic solutions of the nonlinear suspension bridge equation

    Q-Heung Choi and Tacksun Jung

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 383-396

  • On the optimal control problems of parabolic equations with an infinite number of variables and with equality constraints

    Urszula Ledzewicz-Kowalewska

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 369-381

  • Persistence of invariant tori in systems of coupled oscillators. I. Regular and singular problems

    Hans G. Othmer and Masaji Watanabe

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 331-368

  • A class of integrable Hamiltonian systems including scattering of particles on the line with repulsive interactions

    Gianluca Gorni and Gaetano Zampieri

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 305-329

  • Propagation of solutions of a nonlinear functional-differential equation

    Janet Dyson and Rosanna Villella-Bressan

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 293-303

  • Uniform stabilization of the Euler-Bernoulli equation with feedback operator only in the Neumann boundary condition

    N. Ourada and R. Triggiani

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 277-292

  • Interior gradient bounds for the mean curvature equation by viscosity solutions methods

    G. Barles

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 263-275

  • A weak Bernstein method for fully nonlinear elliptic equations

    G. Barles

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 241-262

  • Feedback controllability of the free boundary of the one phase Stefan problem

    Viorel Barbu, Giuseppe Da Prato, and Jean-Paul ZolÈsio

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 225-239

  • On a logistic equation with piecewise constant arguments

    K. Gopalsamy, M. R. S. Kulenovic, and G. Ladas

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 215-223

  • Integral averages and oscillation of second order sublinear differential equations

    Ch. G. Philos

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 205-213

  • Oscillation for selfadjoint second order matrix differential equations

    W. J. Coles

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 195-204

  • A three-point boundary value problem

    A. R. Aftabizadeh and Klaus Deimling

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 189-194

  • A fast diffusion equation which generates a monotone local semiflow. II. Global existence and asymptotic behavior

    Peter Takàc

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 175-187

  • A fast diffusion equation which generates a monotone local semiflow. I. Local existence and uniqueness

    Peter Takàc

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 151-174

  • Time dependent m-accretive operators generating differential evolutions

    Daniel Tataru

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 137-150

  • Multiplicity results for a semilinear elliptic problem with crossing of multiple eigenvalues

    C.A. Magalhaes

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 129-136

  • Global stability in diffusive delay Lotka-Volterra systems

    Y. Kuang and H. L. Smith

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 117-128

  • On mathematical models of a viscoelasticity with a memory

    V. P. Orlov and P. E. Sobolevskii

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 103-115

  • On the stability of the zero solution of a one-dimensional mathematical model of viscoelasticity

    V. P. Orlov

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 89-101

  • Nonlinear Schroedinger equations with magnetic fields

    Anne De Bouard

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 73-88

  • A variational approach to approximation of delay systems

    Kazufumi Ito, Franz Kappel, and Dietmar Salamon

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 51-72

  • Comparison results for elliptic and parabolic equations via symmetrization: a new approach

    A. Alvino, P.-L. Lions, and G. Trombetti

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 25-50

  • Liapunov operators and stabilization in strongly order preserving dynamical systems

    Nicholas D. Alikakos and Peter Hess

    Volume 4, 1991, pages 15-24

  • Solutions of a nonlinear ODE appearing in the theory of diffusion with absorption

    J.B. McLeod, L.A. Peletier, and J.L. Vazquez

    Volume 4, 1991, pages Jan-14