• Differential and integral equations
    Volume 30, 2017

  • Nodal solutions to problem with mean curvature operator in Minkowski space

    Guowei Dai and Jun Wang

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 463-480

  • Pullback dynamics of non-autonomous wave equations with acoustic boundary condition

    To Fu Ma and Thales Maier Souza

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 443-462

  • Uniform bounds for solutions to volume-surface reaction diffusion systems

    Vandana Sharma and Jeff Morgan

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 423-442

  • Multiplicity results and sign changing solutions of non-local equations with concave-convex nonlinearities

    Mousomi Bhakta and Debangana Mukherjee

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 387-422

  • Decay estimates for four dimensional Schr\”odinger, Klein-Gordon and wave equations with obstructions at zero energy

    William R. Green and Ebru Toprak

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 329-386

  • Bifurcation of Space Periodic Solutions in Symmetric Reversible FDEs

    Zalman Balanov and Hao-Pin Wu

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 289-328

  • On ordinary differential inclusions with mixed boundary conditions

    Gabriele Bonanno, Antonio Iannizzotto, and Monica Marras

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 273-288

  • On the existence of homoclinic type solutions of inhomogenous Lagrangian systems

    Jakub Ciesielski, Joanna Janczewska, and Nils Waterstraat

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 259-272

  • Positive semiclassical states for a fractional Schr\”odinger-Poisson system

    Edwin G. Murcia and Gaetano Siciliano

    Volume 30, 2007, pages 231-258

  • Three solutions for an elliptic system near resonance with the principal eigenvalue

    Eugenio Massa and Rafael Antônio Rossato

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 207-230

  • The focusing cubic NLS with inverse-square potential in three space dimensions

    Rowan Killip, Jason Murphy, Monica Visan, and Jiqiang Zheng

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 161-206

  • Multiple positive solutions for the {$m$}-{L}aplacian and a nonlinearity with many zeros

    Leonelo Iturriaga, Sebastián Lorca, and Eugenio Massa

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 145-159

  • An infinite number of solutions for an elliptic problem with power nonlinearity

    Khadijah Sharaf

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 133-144

  • Ground states for a fractional scalar field problem with critical growth

    Vincenzo Ambrosio

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 115-132

  • Regularity criteria for Navier-Stokes and related system

    Jishan Fan and Tohru Ozawa

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 101-114

  • The stochastic derivative nonlinear Schr\”{o}dinger equation

    Sijia Zhong

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 81-100

  • A phase-field system with two temperatures and memory

    Monica Conti, Stefania Gatti, and Alain Miranville

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 53-80

  • On the $\mathcal{R}$-boundedness of solution operator families for two-phase Stokes resolvent equations

    Sri Maryani and Hirokazu Saito

    Volume 30, 2017, pages 1-52