• Differential and integral equations
    Volume 12, 1999

  • Some characterizations of the Taylor-Couette attractor

    Guido Schneider

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 913-926

  • Almost-periodic and bounded solutions of Carathéodory differential inclusions

    Jan Andres

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 887-912

  • A Hamilton-Jacobi equation with measures arising in $Gamma$-convergence of optimal control problems

    Ariela Briani

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 849-886

  • On the uniqueness of the coexistence state of predator-prey systems on $R^1$

    Sandro Merino and Rosa Pardo San Gil

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 833-848

  • Stable rapidly oscillating solutions in delay differential equations with negative feedback

    Anatoli F. Ivanov and Jérôme Losson

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 811-832

  • Well-posedness for the Zakharov system with the periodic boundary condition

    Hideo Takaoka

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 789-810

  • On the closed solution to some nonhomogeneous eigenvalue problems with p-Laplacian

    Pavel Drábek and Raúl Manásevich

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 773-788

  • Existence results for steady flow of weakly compressible viscoelastic fluids with a differential constitutive law

    Raafat Talhouk

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 741-772

  • On the long time behaviour of the solution to the two-fluids incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

    J.-F. Gerbeau and C. Le Bris

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 691-740

  • Displacement solutions for time discretization and evolution problem related to minimal surfaces and plasticity: existence, uniqueness and regularity in the one-dimensional case

    Thierry Astruc, Françoise Demengel, and Olivier Goubet

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 661-690

  • Steady state solutions for balanced reaction diffusion systems on heterogeneous domains

    W. E. Fitzgibbon, S. L. Hollis, and J. J. Morgan

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 637-660

  • Semilinear parabolic equations with singular initial data in anisotropic weighted spaces

    Hebe A. Biagioni, Lucio Cadeddu, and Todor Gramchev

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 613-636

  • Classifications of nonnegative solutions to some elliptic problems

    Yuan Lou and Meijun Zhu

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 601-612

  • Immediate exchange of stabilities in singularly perturbed systems

    N. N. Nefedov and K. R. Schneider

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 583-599

  • Solutions of semilinear elliptic equations with one isolated singularity

    Yomna Rébaï

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 563-581

  • An intrinsic approach to Ljusternik-Schnirelman theory for light rays on Lorentzian manifolds

    Flavia Antonacci and Paolo Piccione

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 521-562

  • Higher regularity of solutions of free discontinuity problems

    Luigi Ambrosio, Nicola Fusco, and Diego Pallara

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 499-520

  • On nonconvex differential inclusions whose state is constrained in the closure of an open set. Applications to dynamic programming

    Francesca Forcellini and Franco Rampazzo

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 471-497

  • Existence of global solutions and energy decay for the Carrier equation with dissipative term

    Alfredo Tadeu Cousin, Cícero Lopes Frota, and Nickolai A. Lar'kin

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 453-469

  • Integrability and boundedness of local solutions to singular and degenerate quasilinear parabolic equations

    Mike O'Leary

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 435-452

  • Stochastic PDE for nonlinear vibration of elastic panels

    P. L. Chow and J. L. Menaldi

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 419-434

  • Complex multiplicative perturbations of elliptic operators: heat kernel bounds and holomorphic functional calculus

    Xuan Thinh Duong and El Maati Ouhabaz

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 395-418

  • Existence and uniqueness of solutions of some abstract degenerate nonlinear equations

    Angelo Favini and Anatoliy Rutkas

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 373-394

  • Singular differential equations with delay

    Angelo Favini, Luciano Pandolfi, and Hiroki Tanabe

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 351-371

  • Elliptic equations with singularity on the boundary

    Satoshi Hashimoto and Mitsuharu Ôtani

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 339-349

  • Monotone iterative methods for boundary value problems

    M. Cherpion, C. De Coster, and P. Habets

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 309-338

  • Orbital stability of solitary waves of coupled KdV equations

    Lin Chen and Boling Guo

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 295-308

  • Optimality principles and representation formulas for viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations. II. Equations of control problems with state constraints

    Pierpaolo Soravia

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 275-293

  • Removability of singularities of A-harmonic functions

    Leonard Budney, Tadeusz Iwaniec, and Bianca Stroffolini

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 261-274

  • Fine structure of the interface motion

    Paolo Buttà and Anna De Masi

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 207-259

  • Limit as $p\to \infty$ of p-Laplace eigenvalue problems and $L^\infty$-inequality of the Poincaré type

    Nobuyoshi Fukagai, Masayuki Ito, and Kimiaki Narukawa

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 183-206

  • Left definite Sturm-Liouville problems with eigenparameter dependent boundary conditions

    P. A. Binding and Patrick J. Browne

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 167-182

  • A remark on harmonic map flows from surfaces

    Changyou Wang

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 161-166

  • A note on periodic solutions of autonomous Hamiltonian systems emanating from degenerate stationary solutions

    E. Norman Dancer and S?awomir Rybicki

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 147-160

  • Uniform decay estimates for a class of oscillatory integrals and applications

    M. Ben-Artzi and J.-C. Saut

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 137-145

  • Regularity of minimizing sequences for functionals of the calculus of variations via the Ekeland principle

    Lucio Boccardo, Vincenzo Ferone, Nicola Fusco, and Luigi Orsina

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 119-135

  • Sharp regularity of a coupled system of a wave and a Kirchoff equation with point control arising in noise reduction

    M. Camurdan and R. Triggiani

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 101-118

  • A local partial regularity theorem for weak solutions of degenerate elliptic equations and its application to the thermistor problem

    Xiangsheng Xu

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 83-100

  • Galerkin approximation, strong continuity of the relative rearrangement map and application to plasma physics equations

    J.-M. Rakotoson

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 67-81

  • Absorption evolution families and exponential stability of non-autonomous diffusion equations

    Frank Räbiger and Roland Schnaubelt

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 41-65

  • Large time behavior of solutions of higher order nonlinear dispersive equations of KdV type with weak nonlinearity

    Nakao Hayashi, Tonatiuh Matos, and Pavel I. Naumkin

    Volume 12, 1999, pages 23-40

  • Exponential attractors for nonautonomous partially dissipative equations

    C. Galusinski, M. Hnid, A. Miranville

    Volume 12, 1999, pages Jan-22