Advances in Differential Equations
Volume 9

Existence and multiplicity for perturbations of an equation involving a Hardy inequality and the critical Sobolev exponent in the whole of $\Bbb R^N$

  • B. Abdellaoui, V. Felli, and I. Peral

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 481-508

Schrödinger group on Zhidkov spaces

Existence of the nontopological condensate in self-dual Chern-Simons gauge theory

  • Takashi Suzuki and Futoshi Takahashi

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 539-562

On an evolution system describing self-gravitating Fermi-Dirac particles

  • Piotr Biler, Philippe Laurençot, and Tadeusz Nadzieja

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 563-586

Global solutions of Navier-Stokes equations with large $L^2$ norms in a new function space

Instantaneous shrinking of the support in degenerate parabolic equations with strong absorption

Location and critical groups of critical points in Banach spaces with an application to nonlinear eigenvalue problems

Local and global solutions for a nonlinear Dirac system

On a variational characterization of a part of the Fučík spectrum and a superlinear equation for the Neumann $p$-Laplacian in dimension one

Scattering states for the nonlinear wave equation with small data

Second-best constant and extremal functions in Sobolev inequalities in the presence of symmetries

Uniqueness and profile of solutions for a superlinear elliptic equation

  • Yoshitsugu Kabeya and Eiji Yanagida

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 771-796

Bifurcation problems associated with generalized Laplacians

Large-amplitude high-frequency waves for quasilinear hyperbolic systems

  • C. Cheverry, O. Guès, and G. Métivier

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 829-890

On the minimizers of a Ginzburg-Landau-type energy when the boundary condition has zeros

Existence and classification of critical points for nondifferentiable functions

  • Roberto Livrea and Salvatore A. Marano

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 961-978

Stability and instability of generalized Kolmogorov flows on the two-dimensional sphere

Global solutions of higher-order semilinear parabolic equations in the supercritical range

  • Yu. V. Egorov, V. A. Galaktionov, V. A. Kondratiev, and S. I. Pohozaev

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 1009-1038

Some theoretical results concerning diphasic viscoelastic flows of the Oldroyd kind

Regularity for Stokes and generalized Stokes systems under nonhomogeneous slip-type boundary conditions

The short-wave limit for nonlinear, symmetric, hyperbolic systems

Backward uniqueness of semigroups arising in coupled partial differential equations systems of structural acoustics

Local and global well-posedness for a class of nonlinear dispersive equations

Global existence conditions for a nonlocal problem arising in statistical mechanics

  • I. A. Guerra, M. A. Peletier, and C. J. van Duijn

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 133-158

On Schrödinger-Boussinesq equations

Exponentially accurate balance dynamics

Existence of multiple positive solutions for singular elliptic problems with concave and convex nonlinearities

  • Hirano, Norimichi; Saccon, Claudio; Shioji, Naoki

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 197-220

On the location of concentration points for singularly perturbed elliptic equations

Conditional and unconditional well-posedness for nonlinear evolution equations

  • Jerry L. Bona, Shu-Ming Sun, and Bing-Yu Zhang

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 241-265

Spectra of critical exponents in nonlinear heat equations with absorption

  • V. A. Galaktionov and P. J. Harwin

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 267-298

Coupled surface and grain boundary motion: nonclassical traveling-wave solutions

  • Jacob Kanel, Amy Novick-Cohen, and Arkady Vilenkin

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 299-327

Local estimates and large solutions for some elliptic equations with absorption

Local and global well-posedness results for flows of inhomogeneous viscous fluids

The Miller scheme in semigroup theory

  • Rainer Nagel and Eugenio Sinestrari

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 387-414

On a variational problem involving critical Sobolev growth in dimension four

  • Mokhless Hammami and Mohamed ben Ayed

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 415-446

$C^{1,β}$ regularity of viscosity solutions via a continuous-dependence result

Exponential decay for a von Kármán system with memory

  • Santiago Ayala, S. Yolanda , and Jaime E. Muñoz

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 1115-1142

Front propagation in bistable reaction-diffusion-advection equations

  • Luisa Malaguti, Cristina Marcelli, and Serena Matucci

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 1143-1166

Asymptotic stability of traveling waves for viscous conservation laws with dispersion

Antimaximum principle for quasilinear problems

On the solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations with a polynomial-type reaction term

On a degenerate parabolic system for compressible, immiscible, two-phase flows in porous media

  • Cédric Galusinski and Mazen Saad

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 1235-1278

Type-II blowup for a semilinear heat equation

Analysis of a scalar conservation law with a flux function with discontinuous coefficients

Existence results for some quasilinear elliptic equations involving critical Sobolev exponents

Exact controllability for hyperbolic thermoelastic systems with large memory

  • Jaime E. Muñoz Rivera and Maria Grazia Naso

    Volume 9, 2004, pages 1369-1394

Stratified weak solutions of the 1-D Lagrangian Euler equations are viscosity solutions