Advances in Differential Equations
Volume 18

Higher derivatives of spectral functions associated with one-dimensional Schrödinger operators II

  • D.J. Gilbert, B.J. Harris, and S.M. Riehl

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 609-632

Resonant phase-shift and global smoothing of the periodic Korteweg-de Vries equation in low regularity settings

On initial-boundary value problems in a strip for generalized two-dimensional Zakharov–Kuznetsov equation

  • Andrei V. Faminskii and Evgeniya S. Baykova

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 663-686

Small solutions for nonlinear heat equations, the Navier–Stokes equation, and the Keller–Segel system in Besov and Triebel–Lizorkin spaces

  • Tsukasa Iwabuchi and Makoto Nakamura

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 687-736

Finite Morse index solutions and asymptotics of weighted nonlinear elliptic equations

Infinite energy solutions for Schrödinger-type equations with a nonlocal term

Multiplicity and singular solutions for a Liouville type system in a ball

  • Juan Dávila, Isabel Flores, and Ignacio Guerra

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 797-824

Existence of solutions and asymptotic analysis of a class of singularly perturbed ODEs with boundary conditions

  • John Bryce McLeod and Susmita Sadhu

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 825-848

Higher regularity of solutions to the singular $p$-Laplacean parabolic system

Nonconvex mean curvature flow as a formal singular limit of the nonlinear bidomain model

  • Giovanni Bellettini, Maurizio Paolini, and Franco Pasquarelli

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 895-934

On the control of the Burgers-alpha model

  • Fágner D. Araruna , Enrique Fernández-Cara, and Diego A. Souza

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 935-954

$BMO$ estimates for nonvariational operators with discontinuous coefficients structured on Hörmander’s vector fields on Carnot groups

  • Marco Bramanti and Maria Stella Fanciullo

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 955-1004

A hierarchic multi-level energy method for the control of bidiagonal and mixed n-coupled cascade systems of PDE’s by a reduced number of controls

Some properties of shallow shells with thermal effects

  • G. Perla Menzala and F. Travessini De Cezaro

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 1073-1104

Global regularity of solutions to the Boussinesq equations with fractional diffusion

Existence and Stability of a Two-Parameter Family of Solitary Waves for an NLS-KdV System

  • John Albert and Santosh Bhattarai

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 1129-1164

Well-posedness and stabilization of a model system for long waves posed on a quarter plane

Small data in an optimal Banach space for the parabolic-parabolic and parabolic-elliptic Keller–Segel equations in the whole space

  • Pierre Gilles Lemarié–Rieusset

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 1189-1208

Existence theorems for quasilinear elliptic eigenvalue problems in unbounded domains

  • Giuseppina Autuori, Patrizia Pucci, and Csaba Varga

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 1-48

Well-Posedness and averaging of NLS with time-periodic dispersion management

  • Paolo Antonelli, Jean-Claude Saut, and Christof Sparber

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 49-68

Large time behavior of solutions of a semilinear elliptic equation with a dynamical boundary condition

  • M. Fila, K. Ishige, and T. Kawakami

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 69-100

Solution formula for the vorticity equations in the half plane with application to high vorticity creation at zero viscosity limit

On partial regularity of the borderline solution of semilinear parabolic equation with critical growth

Well-posedness and ill-posedness of the Cauchy problem for the Maxwell-Dirac system in $1+1$ space time dimensions

Evolution of regular bent rectangles by the driven crystalline curvature flow in the plane with a non-uniform forcing term

  • Yoshikazu Giga, Przemysław Górka, and Piotr Rybka

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 201-242

Critical Fujita exponent for the diffusion equation in transparent media with source having power-like non-linearities

Willmore-type regularization of mean curvature flow in the presence of a non-convex anisotropy. The graph setting: analysis of the stationary case and numerics for the evolution problem

Optimal control problems of phase field system with total variation functional as the interfacial energy

  • Ken Shirakawa and Noriaki Yamazaki

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 309-350

Limiting observations for planar free-boundaries governed by isotropic-anisotropic singular diffusions, upper bounds for the limits

Finite Element Approximation of One-Sided Stefan Problems with Anisotropic, Approximately Crystalline, Gibbs–Thomson Law

  • John W. Barrett, Harald Garcke, and Robert Nürnberg

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 383-432

Uniqueness result for nonlinear anisotropic elliptic equations

  • Rosaria Di Nardo, Filomena Feo, and Olivier Guibé

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 433-458

Boundedness of singular integrals and their commutators with BMO functions on Hardy spaces

Convergence of a semidiscrete scheme for a forward-backward parabolic equation

  • Giovanni Bellettini, Carina Geldhauser, and Matteo Novaga

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 495-522

On Serrin’s symmetry result in nonsmooth domains and its applications

Solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations for large oscillatory data

  • Igor Kukavica, Walter Rusin, and Mohammed Ziane

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 549-586

Existence and multiplicity of nontrivial solutions for a bi-nonlocal equation

  • Francisco Júlio S.A. Corrêa and Giovany M. Figueiredo

    Volume 18, 2013, pages 587-608