Advances in Differential Equations
Volume 17

$\Gamma$-convergence of graph Ginzburg-Landau functionals

  • Yves van Gennip and Andrea L. Bertozzi

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 1115-1180

Doubly degenerate parabolic equations with variable nonlinearity I: Existence of bounded strong solutions

Weak solutions to initial-boundary-value problems for quasilinear evolution equations of an odd order

Existence of multiple sign-changing solutions for an asymptotically linear elliptic problem and the topology of the configuration space of the domain

Qualitative study of generalized Forchheimer flows with the flux boundary condition

Stability of periodic solutions to parabolic problems with nonlinear boundary conditions

  • Lahcen Maniar and Roland Schnaubelt

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 557-604

Liouville-type theorems and bounds of solutions for Hardy-Hénon elliptic systems

On the strong maximum principle for second order nonlinear parabolic integro-differential equations

The two well problem for piecewise affine maps

  • Bernard Dacorogna, Paolo Marcellini, and Emanuele Paolini

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 673-696

Global Solutions to the Lagrangian Averaged Navier-Stokes equation in low regularity Besov spaces

The dynamics of chemical reactors in porous media

  • Johannes Bruining, Pablo Castañeda, and Dan Marchesin

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 725-746

Hölder continuity of solutions to parabolic equations uniformly degenerating on a part of the domain

  • Yury A. Alkhutov and Vitali Liskevich

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 747-766

H∞-Calculus for cylindrical boundary value problems

Harnack’s inequality for parabolic De Giorgi classes in metric spaces

  • Juha Kinnunen, Niko Marola, Michele Miranda Jr., and Fabio Paronetto

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 801-832

A decay property of solutions to the k-generalized KdV equation

Existence of a finite-dimensional global attractor for a damped Parametric nonlinear Schrödinger equation

Asymptotic stability of second-order evolution equations with intermittent delay

  • Serge Nicaise and Cristina Pignotti

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 879-902

Isolated initial singularities for the viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equation

  • Marie Françoise Bidaut-Veron and Nguyen Anh Dao

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 903-934

A priori estimates and reduction principles for quasilinear elliptic problems and applications

  • Lorenzo D’Ambrosio and Enzo Mitidieri

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 935-1000

Homogenization of a coupled problem for sound propagation in porous media

  • François Alouges, Adeline Augier, Benjamin Graille, and Benoît Merlet

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 1001-1030

An area minimizing scheme for anisotropic mean curvature flow

  • Tokuhiro Eto, Yoshikazu Giga, and Katsuyuki Ishii

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 1031-1084

Existence of strong solutions in a larger space for the shallow-water system

  • Frédéric Charve and Boris Haspot

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 1085-1114

Hyperbolic-parabolic singular perturbation for mildly degenerate Kirchhoff equations with weak dissipation

On an initial-boundary value problem for the hyperelastic rod wave equation

  • Giuseppe Maria Coclite and Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 37-74

On a nonlinear generalized thermoelastic system with obstacle

  • M.L. Oliveira, M.R. Clark, and A.O. Marinho

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 75-103

Hadamard well-posedness for wave equations with p-Laplacian damping and supercritical sources

  • Mohammad A. Rammaha and Zahava Wilstein

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 105-150

Reverse Hölder inequalities and higher integrability for subcritical parabolic equations

On the Laplacian and fractional Laplacian in an exterior domain

  • Leonardo Kosloff and Tomas Schonbek

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 173-200

Existence results for critical elliptic systems in ${\mathbb{R}^N}$

Inhomogeneous Dirichlet problems involving the infinity-Laplacian

  • Tilak Bhattacharya and Ahmed Mohammed

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 225-266

On almost global existence and local well posedness for some 3-D quasi-linear wave equations

  • Kunio Hidano, Chengbo Wang, and Kazuyoshi Yokoyama

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 267-306

Nonexistence results for differential inequalities involving $A$-Laplacian

  • Agnieszka Kałamajska, Katarzyna Pietruska-Pałuba, and Iwona Skrzypczak

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 307-336

Blow-up for the damped $L^{2}$-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation

Global bifurcation and local multiplicity results for elliptic equations with singular nonlinearity of super exponential growth in $\mathbb{R}^2$

  • R. Dhanya, J. Giacomoni, S. Prashanth, and K. Saoudi

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 369-400

Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a quasilinear parabolic equation with Robin boundary condition

  • Michèle Grillot and Philippe Grillot

    Volume 17, 2012, pages 401-419