Advances in Differential Equations
Volume 10

Classical solutions to parabolic systems with free boundary of Stefan type

  • G. I. Bizhanova and J. F. Rodrigues

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 1345 -1388

Optimal boundary control and Riccati theory for abstract dynamics motivated by hybrid systems of PDEs

  • Paolo Acquistapace, Francesca Bucci, and Irena Lasiecka

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 1389-1436

Equilibrium solutions of the Bénard equations with an exterior force

On a Yamabe-type problem on a three-dimensional thin annulus

  • M. Ben Ayed, K. El Mehdi, M. Hammami, and M. Ould Ahmedou

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 813 -840

Nonlinear Liouville theorems and a priori estimates for indefinite superlinear elliptic equations

On the Stefan problem with surface tension in the $L^p$ framework

Exact controllability of finite energy states for an acoustic wave/plate interaction under the influence of boundary and localized controls

  • George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 901 -930

Orthogonal geodesic chords, brake orbits and homoclinic orbits in Riemannian manifolds

  • Roberto Giambò, Fabio Giannoni, and Paolo Piccione

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 931 -960

Existence of solutions for strongly nonlinear elliptic differential inclusions with unilateral constraints

  • D. Motreanu, V. V. Motreanu, and N. S. Papageorgiou

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 961 -982

On the system of conservation laws and its perturbation in the Besov spaces

Existence and regularity results for solutions to nonlinear parabolic equations

  • Nathalie Grenon and Anna Mercaldo

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 1007 -1034

Systems of singular Poisson equations in unbounded domains

  • Fabrice Colin and Marlène Frigon

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 1035 -1052

Higher integrability for parabolic equations of $p(x,t)$-Laplacian type

  • Stanislav Antontsev and Vasilii Zhikov

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 1053 -1080

Quasilinear parabolic problems via maximal regularity

Multiplicity of solutions to a scalar-field equation involving the Sobolev critical exponent with the Robin condition

$L^p$-regularity for elliptic operators with unbounded coefficients

  • G. Metafune, J. Prüss, A. Rhandi, and R. Schnaubelt

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 1131 -1164

The Cauchy problem for quasilinear hyperbolic equations with non-absolutely continuous coefficients in the time variable

Generic uniqueness of minimizers for a class of infinite horizon variational problems arising in continuum mechanics

Reduced measures for obstacle problems

  • Haïm Brezis and Augusto C. Ponce

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 1201 -1234

Homogenization of nonlinear random parabolic operators

Weak solutions to the Cauchy problem of a semilinear wave equation with damping and source terms

Analyticity of semigroups generated by operators with generalized Wentzell boundary conditions

  • Klaus-Jochen Engel and Genni Fragnelli

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 1301 -1320

Remarks on global existence for a family of inequalities and applications to Mullins and Navier-Stokes equations

Incompressible limit of the nonisentropic Euler equations with the solid wall boundary conditions

The initial-value problem for the Navier-Stokes equations with a free surface in $L^q$-Sobolev spaces

Smoothing of quasilinear parabolic operators and applications to forward-backward stochastic systems

  • Giuseppina Guatteri and Alessandra Lunardi

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 65 -88

Universal bounds at the blow-up time for nonlinear parabolic equations

  • Daniele Andreucci and Anatoli F. Tedeev

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 89-120

On a new model for continuous coalescence and breakage processes with diffusion

Null controllability of degenerate heat equations

  • P. Cannarsa, P. Martinez, and J. Vancostenoble

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 153-190

About the loss of derivatives for strictly hyperbolic equations with non-Lipschitz coefficients

  • Tamotu Kinoshita and Michael Reissig

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 191 -222

A weak maximum principle for the linearized operator of $m$-Laplace equations with applications to a nondegeneracy result

Radially symmetric minimizers of variational problems in the plane

Stability of standing waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with critical power nonlinearity and potentials

Korteweg-de Vries and Benjamin-Ono equations on Zhidkov spaces

Existence of solutions to degenerate parabolic equations via the Monge-Kantorovich theory

Chaotic behavior of solutions of the Navier-Stokes system in $\mathbb R^N $

  • Thierry Cazenave, Flávio Dickstein, and Fred B. Weissler

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 361 -398

Quasilinear parabolic equations with localized reaction

Hypergeometric functions and the Tricomi operator

  • J. Barros-Neto and Fernando Cardoso

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 445 -461

Multiple solutions for the Brezis-Nirenberg problem

Local exact controllability for the magnetohydrodynamic equations revisited

  • Viorel Barbu, Teodor Havârneanu, Cătălin Popa, and S. S. Sritharan

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 481 -504

Nonhomogeneous div-curl lemmas and local Hardy spaces

An order approach to a class of quasivariational sweeping processes

  • Riccarda Rossi and Ulisse Stefanelli

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 527 -552

Detecting multiplicity for systems of second-order equations: an alternative approach

  • Anna Capietto, Walter Dambrosio, and Duccio Papini

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 553 -578

On the $\delta$-primitive and Boussinesq type equations

Stability of facets of self-similar motion of a crystal

On evolution completeness of nonlinear eigenfunctions for the porous medium equation in the whole space

  • V. A. Galaktionov and P. J. Harwin

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 635 -674

Symmetry breaking for the Dirichlet problem for harmonic maps from the disc into the 2-sphere

On the Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations in a perturbed half-space

  • Takayuki Kubo and Yoshihiro Shibata

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 695 -720

Global bifurcation branches for radially symmetric Schrödinger equations

Singular solutions to a quasilinear ODE

  • Francesca Dalbono and M. García-Huidobro

    Volume 10, 2005, pages 747 -765

Gradient estimates for anisotropic elliptic equations