Advances in Differential Equations
Current Issue

  • The Friedrichs extension for elliptic wedge operators of second order

      • Thomas Krainer and Gerardo A. Mendoz

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 295-328

  • Regularity and time behavior of the solutions of linear and quasilinear parabolic equations

  • Regularity and singularity of the blow-up curve for a wave equation with a derivative nonlinearity

  • Transport and equilibrium in non–conservative systems

  • Nonlinear travelling waves on complete Riemannian manifolds

  • Elliptic and parabolic equations with Dirichlet conditions at infinity on Riemannian manifolds

      • P. Mastrolia, D.D. Monticelli,and F. Punzo

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 89-108

  • Sign-changing solutions for non-local elliptic equations involving the fractional Laplacain

  • Almost global existence of weak solutions for the nonlinear elastodynamics system for a class of strain energies

      • Sébastien Court and Karl Kunisch

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 135-160

  • On the focusing energy-critical fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equations

      • Yonggeun Cho, Gyeongha Hwang, and Tohru Ozawa

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 161-192

  • Global regularity of the 2D magnetic Bénard system with partial dissipation

  • Asymptotics for the modified Boussinesq equation in one space dimension

      • Nakao Hayashi and Pavel I. Naumkin

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 239-294

  • Mountain pass solutions for the fractional Berestycki-Lions problem

  • Local well-posedness and global existence for the biharmonic heat equation with exponential nonlinearity

      • Mohamed Majdoub, Sarah Otsmane, and Slim Tayachi

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 489-522

  • Weak solvability for Dirichlet partial differential inclusions in Orlicz-Sobolev spaces

      • Nicusor Costea, Gheorghe Morosanu, and Csaba Varga

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 523-554

  • Existence results for non-local elliptic systems with nonlinearities interacting with the spectrum

      • Olimpio H. Miyagaki and Fabio R. Pereira

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 555-580

  • Diffusion phenomena for the wave equation with space-dependent damping term growing at infinity

      • Motohiro Sobajima and Yuta Wakasugi

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 581-614

  • Ground and bound state solutions for a Schrödinger system with linear and nonlinear couplings in $\mathbb{R}^N$

      • Kanishka Perera, Cyril Tintarev, Jun Wang, and Zhitao Zhang

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 615-648

  • Nonlinear travelling waves on complete Riemannian manifolds

  • Traveling waves in a simplified gas-solid combustion model in porous media

      • Fatih Ozbag, Stephen Schecter, and Grigori Chapiro

        Volume 23, 2018, pages 409-454